Classifieds - This page was made available to facilitate the sale & purchase of weaving and spinning equipment by members and other fiber enthusiasts.  The Guild does not warrant any of the items advertised on this page.  Purchasers assume all risk associated with the purchase of these items.  It is recommended that all purchasers view, test, and pick-up the items noted here in person.

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Wolf Pup 4 Shaft Loom

For Sale - $900

Wolf Pup 4 Shaft Floor Loom with Direct Tie-Up, 12 dent reed and new Stroller.  In excellent condition.

Contact:  Su George  (515)491-7858 

4-Shaft Dundas Table Loom with Stand

For Sale - $600 or best offer

A 4-Shaft Dundas Table Loom with stand.  Includes 3 reeds and a warping board. 

Contact Names:  

Des Moines, IA

Rick Reeves Wheel for Sale

Rick Reeves Wheel

Double drive, single treadle

4 bobbins  Orifice hook, 

Small medium and large whorls


Contact Gayle Hoepner,