All Fiber Art Show

Art Center of Burlington Iowa

April 2025

Consider attending or participating in the All Fiber Art Show in Burlington Iowa.  This is a curated show of original designs to showcase the amazing, unique world of fiber art.   If you would like to participate, refer to the guidelines below.

Acceptable Artwork:

Submission guidelines:

Submit a photo of what you want to enter, or something similar if it isn't created yet.  The Art Center will send the 2025 contracts to those who plan to participate about six months prior to the event.  Participatnts may submit one or two items, with at least one being priced for sale. Large size pieces (over 36") may limit your entry to one piece depending on submissions.  The Art Center commission is 25%.  Items need to be delivered or shipped by the last week of March, 2025. 


If you are interested in participating, please contact Christine Williamson directly at or call 319-850-2354.  

You can find out more about the 2022 show by exploring the Art Center of Burlington Iowa website here: