Guild Challenge

The Guild Challenge is a project we do every year.  The Board decides on a theme for the challenge, and presents it to the members at the September meeting.  The Challenge is open to all members, and may be done in any fiber art the member chooses.  This is not a juried exhibit, but a chance to be creative for everyone, and hopefully gain some new skill and confidence while working with the challenge project.

2024 Guild Challenge

The 2024 Guild Challenge was announced at the September 2023 guild meeting.  Weavers and spinners, this year's Guild Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to scope out the guild's immense library resources and select a pattern or project of your liking to share with other guild members at the March 2024 guild meeting.

2023 Guild Challenge

For our 2023 guild challenge, weavers and spinners received a sealed envelope containing three color swatches.  The members created a woven, spun, felted or knitted project utilizing at least two of the colors in the envelope.  They were allowed to add additional colors to their project.  Guild members presented their projects at the March, 2023 guild meeting.

The projects were also exhibited at the June Midwest Weavers Conference  - Confluence of Threads - held in Des Moines.  

This project was designed to inspire members to think of new ways to use color, and branch out of  their comfort zone.  The goal was certainly achieved with so many wonderful creations!

Close-ups of some of the creations along with the inspirational color swatches are shown below.