Beginning Tapestry Weaving November 5 & 12, 1-4 pm

If you have ever wanted to learn tapestry weaving, this is the introductory course for you. Topics to be covered include appropriate materials for warping and weft, warping the loom, slit weaving, meet and separate, pick and pick, shapes, basic soumak and twining, working with a cartoon, and finishing techniques.

Materials: Tapestry loom with weaving width of at least 6" and length of 12", and a sett of 6 or 8 dents per inch. A loom with tensioning is preferred, but a handheld frame loom will work. 3 skeins in different colors of Lambs Pride wool from Brown Sheep Company, or a worsted weight wool. Scissors, tapestry needle, and permanent marker helpful but not required.

The Guild has 2 looms that can be rented for $25, plus a $100 deposit, for the length of the class. The rental can be applied to a loom purchase, if you decide to buy a loom from Schacht through the Guild after taking the class. The deposit will be returned when the loom is returned.

$100 November 5 and 12, from 2:00 - 4:30, in Room 1165 at Franklin Jr. High

Leno Lace Scarf on a Rigid Heddle Loom November 6, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

This weaving method uses a twist in the warp threads to create an airy lace effect. It can make up the whole project or use as accents in your plain weaving. Once you learn the basic steps you can try your own variations!

You will be able to pick your design to work at your personal skill level. A beautiful scarf no matter which way you choose.

Materials needed:

Rigid heddle loom

Stick or boat shuttle

Pick up stick


8 dent heddle/1 skein of DK or worsted yarn

10 dent heddle/1 skein of sport/sock weight yarn

12 dent heddle/1 skein of lace weight yarn.

$75 Sunday, November 6 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Beginning Weaving on a shaft loom

January 15 - February 5, 1-4 pm

Learn to weaving on a 4 shaft table loom. Everything you learn can be applied to a multi-shaft floor loom. In this class we will work from winding a warp through warping the loom and weave a sampler of simple weaves. You only need a pair of scissors and note-taking materials. Handouts and discussion will include planning a project, vocabulary of weaving, reading a drawdown, talking about yarn weights and what those numbers mean, warping from back to front, sleying the heddles and reed, and setting up the shafts to weave plain weave and some twills. All materials supplied, but bring note-taking material.

January 15, 22, 29, February 5 from 1 - 4pm, Room 1165, Franklin Jr. High

$150, Limit 4 students

This class meets for 4 sessions

Beginning Spinning on a wheel

February 25 & March 4, 2023 9:00 - 11:00 am

Learn to spin on a spinning wheel. With hands on instruction, you will learn how to set up the wheel for optimum spinning as well as drafting, and plying. You need to have a wheel in good working order. If you aren't sure if your wheel works, contact the teacher at Fiber to spin and handouts will be supplied.

This class will meet for 2 sessions, February 25 & March 4, from 9:00 - 11:00 am in Room 1165, Franklin Jr. High. $100

The Guild has one spinning wheel to rent to students, rental is $25 for 2 weeks, plus $100 deposit to rent the wheel. Deposit will be returned when wheel is returned.

Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving

October 22 and 29th, 1:00-4:00pm

A great introduction if you've been curious about weaving. You'll learn the basics of warping the loom and weaving. You will complete two projects, both using plain weave, to create a striped table runner and a houndstooth table runner. This is a 2 session class! $100

Materials required: a Rigid Heddle loom in good working order, already put together, 8 or 10 dent reed, warping peg, heddle hook, clamps, 4 skeins of a worsted weight yarn such as Cascade 220 or Plymouth Encore in 2 color combinations that are highly contrasting.

If you don't have a loom, you can rent one from the Guild. Cost of rental is $25 for the two class sessions, plus $100 deposit. Rental cost will be deducted from the price of a loom if you order one from us. The deposit will be returned when the loom is returned.